ZAP! 0MG Shortfills and ZAP! NicSalt shots

ZAP! juice have been on the vape scene since started I and I always remember buying my personal favourite vintage cola 20ml bottle back before TPD. Since TPD ZAP! have made some big changes to their products. They started off with solely 10ml bottles sold singly or in packs of three, completely compliant with the TPD laws.

However they listened to customers and eventually started offering shortfills a little while after as this was a huge thing within the industry as shortfills offer more bang for your buck so to speak , more product for less money which as we can all agree is better for the consumer on so many levels, such as control of how much nicotine you’re using as many vapers are looking for that middle ground of zero nicotine and 3mg.

ZAP! have covered that and better than most on the market with their own nic salt shot. Traditionally nic salts are offered in 20mg shots meaning you’re taking in more nicotine but ZAP! have thought of this and are producing an 18mg nic salt shot which is smooth and doesn’t increase your nicotine consumption and increase your addiction.

Not to mention ZAP! NicSalts make their shortfills silky smooth and all the more enjoyable making every pull that much better than other brands on the market with various solutions to suit every vaper out there as with their shortfills the flavour is slightly more concentrated to accommodate the addition of the nic salt as to not denote the amazing flavours they have within their ranges.


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