Z FUEL- Fuel your day with 300mg of caffeine e liquid


I have something very exciting to share with you today, the launch of the new range from ZAP! Juice “Z Fuel” now this is beyond exciting and something very special!

A UK first in releasing a range of 4 juices thats injected with a massive 300mg of caffeine per bottle that’s equivalent to 4 cups of coffee. This juice not only tastes amazing but it’s guaranteed to fuel your day!

ZAP! are huge in the vaping industry and after the release of the incredible AISU range I didn’t think they could top it, but believe me now… they have! As all of the ZAP! Juice creations the quality of juice is like no other and with a 70/30 VG to PG ratio they always have a high impact on flavour, you can tell that a lot of thought goes into the process of creating the flavour profiles when they are being produced in the secret ZAP! Juice lab!

The four flavours include Original (Similar to a very popular green energy drink),Citron Freeze, Pink Punch andSuper Açai… again these are all really intense on flavour and I think you will agree they are not your original every day releases, they are great combinations that only ZAP! Juice would be capable of creating, and to be honest I wouldn’t expect anything less from them.

I see these as a perfect and much healthier replacement to energy drinks in which we all know are very bad for you and your body. Wether you do shift work, a lot of studying, lots of long trips driving or just need that extra boost to get you through the day then I strongly suggest that you check out this Z Fuel collection!

Launched just in time for the Vaper Expo 2019 and the feedback I have been getting shows that they are a huge hit… so many fellow vapers have been adding to the hype and the response has been incredible! Best of all you can add any Nic shot or Nic salts to them just like any other juice! Finally… all four flavours are available now exclusively here


Written by @Brixtonvaper

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