When life gives you melons! - SubOhm

This year’s winner of the Subohm Best Fruit award is Zap’s Melonade e-liquid.

Melonade is a sweet blend of fizzy lemonade notes paired with a refreshing honeydew melon undertone.

With a genuine spritz that you’d expect from a glass of lemonade, it’s reminiscent of the kind of drink you would have joyfully slurped down at a kid’s party in the 90s. All the sweetness of Melonade is balanced out by the zesty melon notes making it very refreshing and suitable for all-day vaping.

This award-winning flavour is wonderfully smooth and provides great vapour production, a premium, intense flavour and a fresh vaping experience. Melonade has proved popular with reviewers too with many of them describing it as their favourite flavour and perfect for tanks and drippers.

Not a single review goes by without a mention of the perfect vapour clouds produced by this e-liquid and there can’t be another flavour out there that has the words ‘delicious’, ‘sweet’ and ‘tangy’ attributed to it more than Melonade.

If you’re after something zingy, refreshing and just that little bit different, we couldn’t give Melonade a higher recommendation – we’ve given it an award! You can’t say much more than that.

-SubOhm- Review by Ben Rahman

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